How can I automatically reload code?

Try cargo watch:

$ cargo-watch -x check  -s 'cargo loco start'

Do I have to have `cargo` to run tasks or other things? You don't have to run things through `cargo` but in development it's highly recommended. If you build `--release`, your binary contains everything including your code and `cargo` or Rust is not needed.

Is this production ready?

Loco is still in its beginning, but its roots are not. It's almost a rewrite of Hyperstackjs.io, and Hyperstack is based on an internal Rails-like framework which is production ready.

Most of Loco is glue code around Axum, SeaORM, and other stable frameworks, so you can consider that.

At this stage, at version 0.1.x, we would recommend to adopt and report issues if they arise.

Adding Custom Middleware in Loco Loco is compatible with Axum middlewares. Simply implement `FromRequestParts` in your custom struct and integrate it within your controller.

Injecting Custom State or Layers in Loco? Yes, you can achieve this by implementing `Hooks::after_routes`. This hook receive Axum routers that Loco has already built, allowing you to seamlessly add any available Axum functions that suit your needs.