Simplify your project setup with Loco's predefined boilerplates, designed to make your development journey smoother. To get started, install our CLI and choose the template that suits your needs.

cargo install loco-cli
cargo install sea-orm-cli # Only when DB is needed

Create a starter:

 loco new
 ❯ App name? · myapp
 ❯ What would you like to build? · SaaS app (with DB and user auth)

🚂 Loco app generated successfully in:

Available Starters

SaaS Starter

The SaaS starter is an all-included set up for projects requiring both a UI and a REST API. For the UI this starter supports a client-side app or classic server-side templates (or a combination).


  • Frontend starter built on React and Vite (easy to replace with your preferred framework).
  • Static middleware that point on your frontend build and includes a fallback index. Alternatively you can configure it for static assets for server-side templates.
  • The Tera view engine configured for server-side templates, including i18n configuration. Templates and i18n assets live in assets/.

Rest API

  • ping and health endpoints to check service health. See all endpoint with the following command cargo loco routes
  • Users table and authentication middleware.
  • User model with authentication logic and user registration.
  • Forgot password API flow.
  • Mailer that sends welcome emails and handles forgot password requests.

Rest API Starter

Choose the Rest API starter if you only need a REST API without a frontend. If you change your mind later and decide to serve a frontend, simply enable the static middleware and point the configuration to your frontend distribution folder.

Lightweight Service Starter

Focused on controllers and views (response schema), the Lightweight Service starter is minimalistic. If you require a REST API service without a database, frontend, workers, or other features that Loco provides, this is the ideal choice for you!